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Great businesses aren't built alone. Your network should be a resource to help you grow and develop at every step of the journey.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Weird Street?

Weird Street is a private networking tool that creates authentic connections between you and other business owners, makers, and entrepreneurs to get advice, resources, and build meaningful partnerships.

Weird Street lets you join all of the business communities that matter to you from anywhere. Our web works on all devices and we have iOS and Android apps in the works.

Is Weird Street free?

If you’re an individual business owner or a public community, don’t sweat it—Weird Street is completely FREE.

If you’re running a private community like a Chamber of Commerce or Trade Association where you require membership to join we have a paid tier that gets you some pretty sweet features to grow your community.

How does Weird Street work?

Start by finding and joining the business communities you are a member of and ones you'd like to join. You can then join in on discussions, ask questions, and reach out to other members in the community.

Why can’t I message members in groups I'm not a member of?

Weird Street’s mission is to nurture meaningful relationships between businesses. We respect all of our members’ time and privacy and believe that unsolicited messaging is not conducive to the type of helpful, personalized, networking we want to foster in our community.

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Meet the team

All of us here at Weird Street have been entrepreneurs ourselves, and we have personally experienced the power a great community can have on the success of a business. So we want to make as easy as possible for business owners, and craftspeople all over to find their community.

Stephen Perkins
Founder & Designer
Andrii Gorishni
Head of Development